Aspire to Equip Yourself with the Tools of Better Leadership.

I help educate, equip and empower assisted living professionals through leadership coaching, speaking enagements, training, online courses and podcasts. I want to empower the assisited living community with all the tools, resources and knowledge available to them to make sure we are serving our community to the best of our ability.

I also support leaders in the Senior Living Industry with the details on how to make a great community that is thriving in every aspect. I believe that every senior living community has the ability to change the lives of their residents and their associates. In order to have such an impact, the leaders need to have amazing support behind them. I support the senior living leader by ensuring they are seen, heard and validated. A safe space for sharing hard things, and to give them confidence to step out of their comfort zone and lead their community. It is extremely valuable to have someone invested in you and your success only. It will help propel you to an amazing career inside the senior living industry.
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"That magical feeling we all want to feel is not actually magical at all. It is created with intention, understanding and commitment to the end result we want to feel or achieve."

How Can Aspire for More Help Executive Directors in the Senior Living Space?

Mentoring, Motivating and Elevating Executive Directors in the senior living industry is not just about taking a bunch of buzz words and throwing them together, it is a strategy that I utilize to make sure senior living professionals are leading assisted living teams to their full potential. I am passionate about helping the elderly population and seeing leaders in the field succeed in growing committed and motivated teams and cultures is how I measure success.

Build strong

Get to know each executive director as an individual and understand their unique challenges and goals. Build trust and rapport so that they feel comfortable opening up to you and sharing their vulnerabilities.

Provide regular
feedback and coaching

Offer constructive feedback that is specific, actionable, and timely. Help executive directors identify their strengths and areas for improvement, and provide them with coaching to help them develop their skills.

Create opportunities for
learning and development

Encourage executive directors to participate in training and development programs, attend conferences, and network with other professionals. Help them stay up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices in the senior living industry.

Empower executive directors
to make decisions

Trust your executive directors to make sound decisions and give them the autonomy they need to do their jobs effectively. Avoid micromanaging and allow them the freedom to experiment and take risks.


Recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of your executive directors. This will help them feel valued and motivated to continue doing great work.

Provide access
to resources

Ensure that executive directors have access to the resources they need to succeed, such as financial support, staffing, and technology.

Encourage a culture
of mentorship

Create a culture where mentorship is valued and encouraged. Pair executive directors with experienced mentors who can provide them with guidance and support.

Create a network
of support

Develop a network of support for executive directors, so that they can connect with each other, share ideas, and solve problems.

About Erin Thompson and Aspire for More!

Hi there! I am Erin Thompson and I have passionately thrived within the senior living industry over the last 20 years. As an Executive Director, I have been able to change the lives of thousands of residents and support their families through the challenges of caring for an elderly loved one. I have pursued excellence in all the communities I had the privilege of leading.

However, I have recently pivoted into the digital world to share my knowledge and expertise! For example, I have created two podcasts for each group of individuals that I serve. My future plans include creating a digital course guiding families on all the options available to everyone.

Regardless of where my work takes me, my mission is to aspire for more education for families and professionals alike–each person should be able to define their measures of success. I want to mentor and motivate Executive and Sales Directors in the senior living industry in order to create a beautiful experience for every current and future resident.

My Personal Experience...

As a professional in the Senior Living Industry…

  • I know how hard it is to try to balance the expectations of your home office, the residents, the families, the associates and the regulatory agencies.
  • I know how overwhelming it can be to want it all, but also do not know how to take the first step toward success.
  • I know how it feels to finally achieve the goals you and your team have set. I want to help you achieve yours!

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Video/Digital Courses Coming soon!

Speaking Engagements

Erin is well educated on assisted living struggles and leadership hurdles. Using this knowledge and her desire to help people she has built a strong appendix of speaking topics for the senior living community:
You may have seen Erin presenting on behalf of: Assisted Living Association of Alabama- Florida Senior Living Association- Georgia Senior Living Association- Aging Successfully Bootcamp